by Bernard K. Means

It has been too, too long since I have put my thoughts on paper about New Deal archaeology, although those thoughts are not too far away at any time.  Let’s just say it has been a very, very busy first half of the year.  I did at least finalize an article on the spatial and temporal dimensions of New Deal archaeology that was published today.  The original research was presented in 2013 at the Society for American Archaeology annual meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii.  The article uncovers my still slowly growing database on New Deal archaeological projects–with entries contributed by new scholars digging into this old day.  The article itself is open access and published in the Bulletin for the History of Archaeology.  The citation and link can be found here:

Means B K, 2015 Labouring in the Fields of the Past: Geographic Variation in New Deal Archaeology Across the Lower 48 United States.Bulletin of the History of Archaeology, 25(2): 7, 1–11, DOI: