About New Deal Archaeology

The purpose of the New Deal Archaeology site is to promote the study of archaeology conducted under the auspices of federal work relief funding during the Great Depression, and to promote research using field records and archaeological collections generated as part of these New Deal-funded archaeological investigations.


3 thoughts on “About New Deal Archaeology”

  1. Mike Linderman said:

    I am the Director at Angel Mounds State Historic Site in Evansville, IN, and as you may or may not know, 277 men from the WPA worked the site from April of 1939 until May of 1942. I’m trying to find comparative figures on numbers of workers at other WPA site in the US. KY had a couple of thousand workers, but spread over 70+ sites. Which project had the largest amount of workers for that particular site? Who would be my go to person on something like this. I’m focusing solely on WPA projects, not CCC or any of the other programs.
    Mike Linderman.

    • Hi Mike, I am actually coming out to talk at Angel Mounds in the Fall. Your question is a challenging one, actually, as many did not record how many WPA workers they had, but let me see what I can find out…..

  2. William S. Webb’s papers are in the UK library, including, as I remember, accounting for the CCC project manpower, plus others. This is where I would start. I don’t think anyone has really worked with these data though George Milner and Virginia Smith did a review of the depression-era archaeological projects which was published at UK. Check with Nancy O’Malley at the W.S. Webb museum.

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