Links to New Deal archaeology and general resources

Buena Vista Lake (CA-KER-116) Revisited by David A. Frederickson

Civilian Conservation Corps resources
Civilian Conservation Corps site focusing on the workers:

Civilian Conservation Corps Resource Page: “A resource page for people interested in the history and legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps”

Frank H. McClung Museum WPA/TVA photographs:

New Deal of the Day: Daily (or almost daily) ideas, tid bits, factoids, stories, research notes, news, and other fun things from the most interesting time period in American history.

Society for American Archaeology Archaeological Record articles on New Deal archaeology:
1. May 2011:
2. November 2011:

Somerset County, Pennsylvania, New Deal Archaeology:
1. Digging During the Depression in Somerset County, Pennsylvania
2. Archaeology during the Great Depression: New Deal excavations in Somerset County, Pennsylvania

WPA resources:
WPA Today: “This project’s mission is to help preserve the history of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), and to promote the idea of a new WPA for today’s long-term unemployed population.”
Also, look at the links page:


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