by Bernard K. Means

Thanks to a coding error on my part, I erroneously added a county in Utah to my map of New Deal archaeology projects. While there has been recent archaeology of a CCC camp in Utah, there were no Depression-era work relief projects by the CCC or any other New Deal agency that I’ve come across. I discovered this error thanks to some information forwarded to me by Marlin Hawley of the Wisconsin Historical Society. Marlin has been providing me with any information he comes across pertinent to New Deal or Depression-era archaeology, including this history of archaeology in Utah by Joel Janetski. However, I think states that did not have New Deal archaeology are as interesting as those that did, although uncovering why federal relief funding was NOT used is challenging!

Below is a revised map of the U.S., which I hope to update with additional counties in the near future.

means 2013 base map revised smaller